Lego Batman: A Brief Review

Steven Harper PiziksSaturday we all went to see the Lego Batman movie, mostly because Maksim (my youngest) wanted to see it, and partly to get out of the house on a Saturday evening.

Batman and the Joker are facing off in a self-aware Lego universe.  The Joker is upset that Batman refuses to acknowledge him as his #1 enemy, and so embarks on a master plan to destroy Lego Gotham and force Batman to admit the Joker is indeed his arch-enemy.  Meanwhile, Batman is also dealing with the ramifications of spending his life alone.

First and foremost, it’s a silly movie.  They go for jokes first, and if that’s what you’re in the mood for, it’s very funny.  The animation is great, though some scenes are a little too frenetic to follow what’s happening–so much is going on in a single frame, you just can’t follow it, and the movie seems more designed for home viewing on a DVD player with a really good frame-by-frame pause button.  The movie seems to have a hard time mixing both heart and action–the plot moves along at a good clip, then comes to a dead halt while the characters emote at each other.  After a while, you’re able to predict the next emotional beat.  It overall lacked the punch of the first Lego movie.

But the comedy is fast and furious, with many references to Batman from the 1940s comics, to the 1960s TV show (lots and lots of those), to the Tim Burton Batman movie, to the Dark Knight.  The Justice League and Super Friends make cameos, including Zan and Jayna and Gleek (remember them?).

Maksim enjoyed it very much and wants to see it again.  Aran (my oldest) liked a great many one-liners, but wasn’t enthralled.  Darwin and I felt . . . meh.

In all, it was a fast, light, silly movie for the kids or the “gotta see ’em all” Batman fan.

–Steven Harper Piziks

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