Coed Demon Sluts: cover reveal #5

Omigod, you guys, I am so thrilled with this sketch for the cover of the final Coed Demon Slut novel that I have to share!

My cover guy, Mark Collins of Mark C. Collins Illustrator, normally illustrates kid’s books, but he has a dark past, drawing funny and even NSFW cartoons. It’s that side of his work that led me to hire him. OMG. So funny, so lively, so snappy, so sensual.

The Sluts, as you may know, are a team of ordinary women with ordinary problems who try to solve their problems by signing contract with hell to become succubi. This, of course, solves nothing, but hilarity ensues. They are not available anywhere yet except in two places: you can pre-order them at iBooks, where you can read the first chapter or so of each book, and you can download serial episodes of the entirety (eventually) of book one, Coed Demon Sluts: Beth. Beth will be permafree when she launches. But if you just have to taste, here, try this.

Who are these people?

Ish is a weedy specimen, the Sluts’ supervisor in the Regional Office (hell). Ish is agoraphobic and rarely leaves his desk. In this story he is forced to flee the office and join the Sluts in their Chicago Lair. Ish disguises his body to look like his dad, who was a strip club owner in Chicago—hence the fashion statement—so she won’t figure out that he’s the guy who once told her she was too fat to be a stripper.

Pog was once a fat whore. She claims she took the contract to become a succubus because, “I needed dental.” Her body image issues still drive her. She’s dealing as best she can. Getting a perfect succubus body that needs 4500 calories a day to stay thin does help. There’s always more to it than that, though, isn’t there? What do they say? “Inside every skinny girl is a fat girl who is mad as hell.”

Here are Mark’s covers for the other Sluts.


I’m tickled to death with how this series is coming out. You can get your hands on all the Slutbooks late in May. Join my newsletter to get notices about when new serial episodes are released.



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  1. Mark said he wasn’t too impressed with it when he first sketched it. He was going to toss it in the waste basket, but I was pestering him for a rough, so he sent it. Whew! Because I love it!