BVC Announces Survival Instinct by Doranna Durgin

Survival Instinct by Doranna DurginSurvival Instinct
Wild Hearts, Book 5
by Doranna Durgin

Karin Sommers finally escaped the grifter’s life of her childhood. Now she lives as her sister Ellen, working Ellen’s small subsidence farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains and hiding from her past while she ponders her future.

But Ellen unwittingly witnessed a terrible crime, and now that moment has come back to haunt Karin — complete with investigator Dave Hunter, a man of unrelenting persistence driven to save a kidnapped child. Suddenly Karin is a fugitive again–but she’s not done fighting for her new life.

Because Karin Sommers has a past, all right–and she knows how to use it. Even against the one man she’s beginning to trust.


A Reviewer’s Choice romantic suspense from an eclectic award-winning author.

“SURVIVAL INSTINCT by Doranna Durgin is nonstop action from start to finish. Using a former con artist as the main character in a story is a novel idea. The characters are flawed, yet still likeable. Kudos to Durgin for an excellent book.” –Romantic Times, 4½ Stars

“Doranna Durgin writes a white-knuckle thriller that will have your heart pounding in your chest from the very first page…. This is one book that will leave you hanging off the cliff until the very last second. And you’ll love every minute of it.” –Romance Junkies

“SURVIVAL INSTINCT has to be the best Doranna Durgin book to date…action packed and thrilling while at the same time loaded with an emotional punch.” –Wendy Keel, Romance Reader’s Connection, 4½ Hearts

“In this original plot, the characters and circumstances surrounding the heroine are ingeniously developed to create an entertaining and gripping story… With suspenseful moments, unexpected turns and engaging characters, SURVIVAL INSTINCT will hook readers on every enthralling page.” –Amelia Richard, CataRomance 5 Stars

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