The California Coast in Haiku and Pictures

We’re headed to the Tiptree Symposium – which is celebrating Ursula K. Le Guin this year – by taking back roads up the California coast to get to Eugene, Oregon. Here are some pictures along with some haiku I wrote when I wasn’t taking pictures. (The photos and haiku aren’t necessarily paired up.)

pacific sunset

Sunset on the Pacific


Seen on our road trip
along California’s coast:
Pacific sunset.

oyster shells

After dinner


Oysters for dinner
From nearby Tomales Bay.
Best I ever ate.

Jenner Inn

Our room overlooking the Russian River Lagoon.


Quiet on the coast
Except for the ocean’s roar.
A sky full of stars.

Jim on the ocean

Jim at Moonstone Beach


Nothing between here
and Japan except water.
A lot of water.

Jenner Rock

Rock in Jenner


Ocean cliff erodes.
Vista point access is blocked.
Coastlines always change.


Looking up on the Avenue of the Giants


We go in and out
of tsunami hazard zones.
Safe. Not safe. Whew, safe.

burned redwood

Redwoods survive fires


If we’re headed north
after noon, what is the sun
doing on my right?

redwood burls

Redwood with burls at Avenue of the Giants


We reached the north end
of California Route 1.
Felt like a milestone.


Near our room in Miranda


I call out the sights
as we drive along: Ocean.
Trees. Cows. More ocean.

rain on redwoods

Out our back porch in Miranda


Rain in the redwoods
makes a beautiful morning.
But I’ll miss the sun.



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