The Rambling Writer’s Greek Travels, Part 1: Gorge of Samaria

  Since my usual rambles have been limited lately by nerve pain from my damaged cervical spine—unfortunate genetics coupled with a literally rough-neck lifestyle—I’m going to revisit some highlights of my earlier travels. I’m working on a sequel to my … Continue reading


Plot, counterplot and the uniqueness of story

  You hear all kinds of numbers for the plot lines available to authors — 27, 10, 7, 3, 2, 1. Personally, I believe that there are two basic plotlines, or possibly only one he “Someone leaves town/A stranger comes … Continue reading


BVC Announces Twin Genius by Patricia Rice

It’s Christmas in D.C., and rookie multimillionaire Anastasia Devlin is given the greatest gift of all — the arrival of her long-lost South African twin siblings, Juliana and Alexander. Of course, instead of gifts, the twins come bearing trouble that even the family’s new fortune can’t fix.

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