Y is for You

Y is for You.

You’ve now had a chance to read twenty-four essays about writing. You’ve had the opportunity to answer questions about every topic, organizing your personal thoughts.

Along the way, you’ve certainly found some advice that conflicts with your own knowledge or beliefs. You’ve read suggestions that will never work for you, given what you write, or how you write.

And that’s okay. No writing advice book is perfect for all writers at all times. You’re not only allowed to disagree with the advice in this book, you’re encouraged to do so. You should test every single idea against your own process and determine what works for you and what does not.

Then, you can move forward with building your unique career.

So? Take a moment and look back at the previous twenty-four Author’s Alphabet posts. Where have you disagreed with my advice? What specific advice would you offer instead? How can you test that advice, to make sure it’s best for the growth of your career?



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