BVC Announces Bundleset #01

BVC BundlesetBook View Cafe’s First Bundleset
by Doranna Durgin,
Irene Radford,
Madeleine Robins,
Kristine Smith

Four BVC authors offer bundles of their most popular novels.

Available until October 11, 2016.

These ZIP files include both EPUB and MOBI/Kindle ebooks of each title.

Go to the BVC Ebookstore to see the bundles and to read descriptions and free samples.

Four Fantasy Novels by Doranna Durgin: $9.99

Dun Lady’s Jess
A Feral Darkness
Seer’s Blood

Five Historical Fantasy Novels by Irene Radford: $12.49
The Merlin’s Descendants Series:

Guardian of the Balance
Guardian of the Trust
Guardian of the Vision
Guardian of the Promise
Guardian of the Freedom

Five Romances by Madeleine Robins: $12.49

My Dear Jenny
The Heiress Companion
Lady John
The Spanish Marriage

Four SF Novels by Kristine Smith: $9.99
The Jani Kilian Chronicles:

Code of Conduct
Rules of Conflict
Law of Survival
Contact Imminent

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