The Naming of Dogs

Steven Harper PiziksTwo weeks ago, I blogged about the naming of cats. Since it would be unfair to leave our canine friends out . . .

My family also usually had a dog or two.  After I went off on my own, I didn’t have one for years because I always lived in an apartment and didn’t want the hassle of a dog I’d have to walk three times a day.  When it’s raining or snowing or just early on Sunday, I like being able to boot the
dog out into the yard to do his business.  I don’t ever want a dog unless I have a yard.

I haven’t had a dog in a few years now.  Darwin is adamant that we don’t have one because he want to be involved in the care of one in any way.  I haven’t pushed it because we do have the cats, and a dog would be more work than I want.

Anyway, here are the dogs from my life:

–Soft (I named her when I was four for obvious reasons; hit by one of the cars she liked to chase)
–Barney (a big, stoooopid St. Bernard)
–Cinnamon (one of Barney’s puppies; hit by a car)
–BJ (one of Soft’s puppies; hit by a car)
–Snowball (a white husky; hit by a car)
–Motley (a pretty black-and-white mongrel with one ear up and one ear down; hit by a car)
–Snowball II (a white Samoyed; hit by a car–you may be noticing a pattern here)
–Anubis (“Nubi” for short; ran away when we moved)
–Shadow (Nubi’s daughter; I don’t remember what happened to her)
–Nubi II (lived to a ripe old age–at last!)

Here’s where I moved out.  My mother’s had a couple other dogs since then, but I didn’t “know” any of them.

See, until the Nubi years, we lived on a road that ran parallel to one of the local freeways, and people would barrel down the pavement at 60 miles an hour.  For some reason, most of our dogs loved to chase them, and this often sealed their fate.  Nubi I and Nubi II were smart enough not to indulge in such idiocy and lived rather longer.  🙂

How do you name your dogs?

–Steven Harper Piziks

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The Naming of Dogs — 2 Comments

  1. When I was a kid, the parents named them (Bruno and Falstaf, both English bulldogs) and when I had at last stopped moving from apartment to apartment (no dogs allowed) I was married and had kids–and the kids named them! (Gallagher, rescue mutt, Fox, rescue mutt, Melody (named by elderly owner who died, and we adopted her, a four pound chihuahua), Duchess (purebred chihuahua, our only puppy), and Puppy, a desperate rescue who was two pounds when my daughter found him on the street, now ten pounds.

    I’d always wanted a bulldog named Balderdash, but there was all that moving, and by the time we’d stopped, bulldogs had somehow become fashionable and their prices were ridiculous.

  2. First dog was a housewarming gift, a beagle named Bagel, who lasted six weeks with us (before my mother decided a puppy, on top of two kids, was a bridge too far).

    Second was my dog, Fiorello LaGuardia. Commonly called Fio.

    Third was my father’s dog, Nellie. When the SCA was warring on the front forty, she had a coat with arms, and the name Nellie Gorgeous di Alpo, for the occasion.

    Our current dog is Emily, named by my daughters, and enhanced to Emily Apocalypta by me, because I’m like that.