Today I took the kids and the folks to visit a rose nursery. They have an enormous rose garden you can walk through with all sorts of paths and benches and oh, the lovely roses everywhere. We are tearing out some bushes and so I’m replacing them with roses. I quickly learned they were have a 20% off sale. I was trying to figure out which to get, and ended up with eight bushes. Well, two are ground cover roses, three are climbers or ramblers, and three are shrubs. They have lovely fragrances and some brilliant colors. Now all we have to do is plant them. And then wait. And wait. That’s the hardest part.

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    • Feed them? Our roses (here when we moved in) rewarded us handsomely this summer with non-stop blooms despite a prolonged drought and all my best attempts to ignore them. The only thing I did was snip off the dead flower heads to prevent them from going to seed. I guess they kept up the blooms because they seriously believed they were going to die and had to reproduce before the end arrived.

      I’m pretty sure the Little Prince would be disgusted with my wanton neglect.

  1. I hope they give you oodles of wonderful flowers! I planted roses earlier this summer, and I’m getting a fall bloom. It’s so wonderful to go sniff them every morning and choose one to put by my favorite chair during the day.

  2. If it is dry you might want to do a good thick layer of mulch. Just be careful to check when watering that the soil underneath is soaked, as the mulch will absorb water before the soil. It does act as an insulator though so once the dirt has a good drink it stays moist for a good period of time. All the roots are happier.
    And you are a few steps down a wonderful slippery slope.