Summer Obsessions

pokemonI have a few weird obsessions that dog my heels all the time. Like I can hardly pass up a tote bag without picking it it up and wanting to take it home. Be it at a store or an estate sale or a thrift shop . . . I covet them. Same thing with yarn. I have an enormous yarn stash, but I can’t walk by a yarn store without going in, and I can’t pass up an online sale without just having a little peek. In fact just the other day I tossed $350 worth of yarn in the cart, and then left the site with nothing. Because my husband might kill me and we all might be smothered under a pile of tote bags, books, and yarn one day.

This summer I’ve got two obsessions going on. Well, three, but technically one isn’t an obsession because I can’t really pursue it. My wrists still aren’t well enough for me to knit or crochet a lot, so I’m being, oh, let’s call it–staid–in my approach. Some would call it sensible. Oh, and I’m semi-obsessed with rocks, but I can’t look for those anywhere, so I’m not sure it counts so much.

My other two obsessions this summer are finding a good Mustard BBQ sauce recipe, and PokemonGo. Let’s address the first one first. I have had a really good Mustard BBQ sauce at a restaurant once. I keep trying to replicate it. Mine comes out either too strongly mustardy, or too strongly vinegary. But I’m persevering. If anybody has tips, tricks, or tried and true recipes, feel free to share.

The other one is rather ridiculous. I *know* better than to play any sort of video game of any kind. I get, well, obsessive. I learned this when playing Myst some many years ago, and I’ve been known to lose myself for days in Tetris, Bomber Man, and Bejeweled. Imagine if I played something like Skyrim. I’d never come up for air, never write another book. My kids are always trying to lure me into games, and when I do join them, they remember why it’s a really bad idea and have to wrestle the controller away from me.

I downloaded PokemonGo as a walking aid. Specifically, so that my kids would play and not whine while walking with me. Totally makes sense, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, it’s on my phone and I had to play it at least once . . . . And therein lies the rub: I’m now at the obsessed stage*. Course I have little idea what I’m doing, beyond collecting and evolving Pokemon. I have yet to enter a gym, much less engage in a battle. I have no real idea how to do that. I suppose I should just do it, as Nike would say. At least it does help with getting the kids to walk with me. I like to go three or four miles on a walk, and this keeps them going. Not the dogs. They like to quit on me at about three.

*that whole forced watching of many seasons of Pokemon that my kids adored is now paying off a little. Plus they like being experts in the field.

Anybody else have weird obsessions? My friend can’t pass by a flashlight that she doesn’t want to take home.





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A recovering academic, Diana Pharaoh Francis writes books of a fantastical, adventurous, and often romantic nature. She's owned by two corgis, spends much of her time herding children, and likes rocks, geocaching, knotting up yarn, and has a thing for 1800s England, especially the Victorians. Check out samples of just about everything on her website:


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  1. Oh honey. We must never get together at the same place and the same time, otherwise there will be this loud sucking sound and all the yarn in the region will start flying towards us, Magneto-style. I have a friend whose yarn jones was so bad, she took to carrying stash in the back of her car, where her husband was unlikely to find it. At cons we would all go out to the parking lot and look at it, like meth addicts buying drugs. Have you heard of SEx? Context is everything! Here it stands for Stash Enahncement Xpedition, and is a useful acronym.

  2. This is why I am terrified to return to crocheting or trying knitting once again. Because soft obsessions and not being able to find or afford what I want…and oh, what if it would help exercise my wrists and strengthen them….

    Diana, if you dig back into the archives here, you will find a confession essay about me and tote bags. We need a support group. I actually gave away a dozen at a Wordcon reading as door prizes. Book bag enabler, that’s me.

    Totally dodging *PokemonGo*. I don’t have the bandwidth for it, I might step on a rattlesnake, and I do NOT need an obsessive screen habit to lure me from hard writing days. Learned that long ago!

    • Yeah, it’s kind of bad to have a new screen obsession. At least I’m getting some exercise out of it.

      I’m glad I’m not the only one on the tote bag front.

      Mr. Yarn sold very nice yarns at a serious discount, but are currently going out of business, which makes me very sad. But check this out. Yarnia. Make your own yarns:

  3. Rocks. I collect rocks the way some people collect china patterns or those little, silver ornamental spoons you hang on racks on your kitchen wall.

    Glass jars.

    And Zelda.

    • Me, too. At least I can hunt them myself now. But I found a rock shop on the Oregon coast that is beyond amazing. Called Nature’s Bling. They bring in some amazing and BIG pieces from all over the place. Love it.

  4. There are things I simply resolve not to get into collecting. I will never collect baskets, nor will I ever start in on teapots. That way lies 100 square foot storage units. Nor will I ever begin spinning. I simply refuse. Yarn is bad enough.

  5. My kryptonite are bags (tote, duffel, or backpacks), coffee mugs, and hoodies. I have more than I ever need of any of them, and yet every time I see a cool one, I have to roll a save vs. shopping accident.

  6. I had heard the only thing that overcomes an obsession (and yes, I am glad to find that others besides myself are totebag addicted–I thought I was the only one) is another obsession. But this is not even faintly true, because what they failed to mention is that you can have multiple addictions running together at the same time. The only two things that have slowed me down at all were lack of space (not being able to get a window open on a hot day because I couldn’t get close enough) and seeing my mother-in-law’s condo, which looks like an entire season of *Hoarders*.

    On the BBQ front, if you like things a little sweeter, mix a good mustard with apricot jam (to taste–don’t put in so much sweetness that you lose the kick of the mustard), slather over chicken or pork, incinerate and devour.

    • Oh that sounds good–apricots and mustard. I’m going to try that.

      I watch Hoarders periodically and my family hates it because the next thing you know, we’re cleaning out the house. 😀

  7. Notebooks. I have probably hundreds of empty journals and notebooks throughout the house — if it’s pretty and can be written in, I probably have it. I do write in them, sometimes, but it’s the possibility of writing in one of those beautiful journals is why I buy them.

    Mugs. I love mugs. I love Peri Chalifu’s mugs, although to date I only have two. I have a mug tucked away in a glass-fronted shelf which bears a lovely picture of flamingos and tall fronds and says “I’m just a flamingo in the garden of life”. It makes me smile.

    I don’t collect pots and pans, but I’m always tempted by them — and china. But to go there would be disastrous on both room and financial counts. So I don’t go there.