BVC Announces The Rational Writer: A to Z by Mindy Klasky

KlaskyRational WriterAtoZ133x200The Rational Writer: A to Z
Rational Writer Series, Book 2
by Mindy Klasky

The Rational Writer: A to Z is equally suited to up-and-coming independent authors who self-publish their own books and traditional authors with hopes of landing a publishing contract with a large or small press. USA Today bestselling author and attorney Mindy Klasky shares more than 20 years of publishing experience to help writers plan their careers.

This A to Z guide includes discussions of basic topics, encouraging authors to explore their own thoughts about what they write and how they want to be published.

Topics include:

o Critique groups
o Editing
o Health
o Networking and Social Media
o Query letters
o Synopses
o And much, much more

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