A Few Words and Pictures on WisCon 40

Nancy Jane as Space BabeThis is how I started this year’s WisCon: posing as Space Babe with a “blaster” in front of universe art, doing my best to look formidable and intimidating.

Once again, I was housed on the 13th floor of the Madison Concourse hotel. The signs all said “14”, but I learned to count in kindergarten and I’m pretty sure 13 is supposed to come after 12. (But maybe it’s true what some friends who couldn’t make WisCon this year said: the 13th floor is where you find all the folks who are there in spirit.)

As usual, WisCon was a whirl of ideas and experiences. I was part of a fascinating panel on “Where are the Women SF Writers” that took place on Monday morning when everyone was exhausted after the weekend of con plus the Sunday night parties. We drew a standing-room-only crowd. To get some idea of who we talked about, check out the posts on Twitter under #WomenSFWriters.

I heard some excellent readings. Andrea Hairston read from her new book, Will Do Magic for Small Change.

Andrea HairstonTimmi Duchamp read from her forthcoming novel, The Waterdancer’s World.

Timmi DuchampI did get out of the hotel a few times. Here’s a picture of one of Madison’s lakes:

lakeAnd on Sunday afternoon, I strolled by the Children’s Museum, where they have an outdoor display of things that look like street signs but say rather different things. I thought this one was very appropriate for writers:

revisionsAnd this one is for everyone in science fiction and fantasy:

wonderI did a reading from The Weave and presented a paper on embodiment that I’ll do a full blog post on soon. I also met some new people and had fascinating discussions with so many smart people that my head is bursting at the seams. I’ve got about a zillion things to follow up on, and I’ve written down at least ten of them, so maybe some of them will happen.

But we’re on our way home now, on a slow train to Oakland. I’m sure the cats will be glad to see us. As this picture illustrates, Luna almost came with us:

LunaAnd yes, I did already register for next year.



A Few Words and Pictures on WisCon 40 — 8 Comments

  1. Luna is a perfect fit! I so enjoy imagining you at WisCon, and how cool that you trained there and back again! I amreading The Weave right now and enjoying it a lot.

  2. Thanks for the photos. I missed so much at the con. But I did get the chance to talk to you and Jim, which was great.

  3. This report was a bit short on words. I was trying to get something out on Monday before I caught the train home and didn’t have WiFi for posting it, and posting pictures was easy. I don’t think I captured the intellectual stimulation I got,, which is the primary reason I go to WisCon. I’m glad I look a little intimidating — I have a reputation to maintain.

    Eleanor, I really enjoyed our conversations and also the panel we did Monday morning. Katie, I hope you like The Weave and I hope you will come to WisCon one year and present a paper on some of your research as it ties into science fiction.

    • She’s a very fluid cat — fits in lots of strange spaces. She got in again as Jim was unpacking — either because she just likes box-like spaces or in hopes of making sure he wasn’t about to leave again.

  4. I miss the WisCon, last one was ten years ago. Happy to see again L Timmel Duchamp in your pictures!

    I met a lot of wonderful people like Elizabeth Bear and Pamela Sergeant and Suzette Garden Elgin ( miss you dear linguist!), and Ursula leGuin…