Joyful Politics and Feeling Powerful

My friend Diane Silver spoke at the Unity Church in Lawrence, Kansas, last week on “Creating a Joyful Politics.” Given this crazy election year, I thought others would like to hear what she had to say.

Diane has a lot of experience in politics, as well as being an excellent writer and editor. That is to say, she’s not talking about naive joy; she’s advocating the joy that comes from doing something while having faith that things will work out well.

Her talk starts with a rejection of feeling powerless, which applies in more circumstances than elections. It’s a subject near and dear to my heart, especially since I’ve been working on an essay drawing on my years of martial arts study that is about claiming power, among many other things.

Diane also suggests faith and prayer — and she does not limit her ideas on that subject to religious faith and prayers to a specific god. In fact, she has written about being a joyful heretic and about reclaiming prayer even if you’re not conventionally religious. You can find some of her pieces on that subject on her blog. And if you have a publication that’s looking for columns, you can get her Joyful Heretic column on a regular basis.

However, she doesn’t limit herself to faith and prayer in her talk. She also recommends taking action. It’s easier to be joyful about the political process when you do your part.

And she does all this without mentioning any political candidates by name or taking sides. This is a joyful approach to politics everyone can share.



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