The Rambling Writer at Clayton Beach


A nasty spring flu bug bit me over the last couple of weeks, so my biggest foray was a short hike to a nearby beach at Clayton Bay, to soak up some healing sun. Formerly known as a high-school destination for “kegger” parties, Clayton Bay is now part of our Larrabee State Park system and has become respectable. A short drive south of Bellingham, WA, on our famous, scenic Chuckanut Drive, it offers one of the few actual beaches along our rocky shorelines. The views of the San Juan Islands provide a tranquil experience, as Bear Dog will attest as he lounges in the eel grass and contemplates life.


Here, at low tide, you can see the remains of the old railroad trestle that was part of the main connection south to Seattle in the good old days. And when the tide comes in on a sunny afternoon, rendering the Puget Sound seawater a little warmer than frigid, it’s a lovely place to swim.

The low tides beckon clam-diggers. Here, Thor’s daughter Laura holds up two of the giant geoduck clams that present a challenge to dig, but make for great chowder.


The signature sandstone cliffs have been tilted by geologic forces.


Along the shoreline are small coves for sunning and swimming.



And the paths to the shore are lovely refuges of green and filtered light in the afternoon.


Thank you once more, Mother Nature, for your gifts of peace and beauty!


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