Richard III Wins In Extra Time!

Richard IIISport is full of amazing stories. But last night Leicester City achieved one of the most amazing turnarounds in sporting history. They won the English Premier League.

To put this in perspective, only four teams have won the Premier League since 1995. It was a simple formula. Four teams had the best players and the most money. More money meant they could buy even better players, better players meant more success, more success meant more money. Other teams – and none of the twenty teams in the league were pushovers – could string a few good results together, but only the big four had the squads to consistently amass the points required to win the league over a gruelling 38 game season.

Until this year when a 5,000 to one long shot – Leicester City – destroyed them all.

What makes it even more remarkable was that thirteen months ago Leicester City were bottom of the table and favourites to be relegated out of the Premier League. They’d lost 18 of their 29 matches and, with 9 games to go, were 7 points behind the 17th club and safety.

Then something happened. They won four games in a row, going on to win 7 of those last 9 games to reach safety and another season in the PL. Only the eventual champions, Chelsea, managed to beat them during that run. But what had caused the turnaround? They hadn’t brought in a new manager or new players. They hadn’t changed their formation or style of play.

Only one thing had happened between March 21st and April 4th when the turnaround began. On March 26th, Richard III, the last Plantagenet king of England, was laid to rest in Leicester Cathedral. The event was televised live and conducted with all the pomp and ceremony that we Brits excel at. It was as close to a state funeral as you can get without involving the Queen (who, being descended from Richard’s usurper – Henry VII – decided to sit the event out.)

This season, Leicester have been unstoppable, and with two games to go are seven points clear of the second team and are uncatchable.

So, yes, it was the king wot done it.

Other clubs are now believed to be searching their car parks for dead monarchs.

(Photo: Portrait of Richard III by an unknown artist. (National Portrait Gallery))

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Richard III Wins In Extra Time! — 12 Comments

  1. What kind of a game are they playing? Didn’t say.

    (I know zilch about sports, but the pic of the king caught my eye!)

      • Ahah! Wodehouse wrote about soccer in Psmith in the City–Manchester United, I think it was, at the turn of the century. But I think they called it footer!

            • Rugby is a game for ruffians played by gentlemen. Football (soccer) is a game for gentlemen played by ruffians. And cricket is a game for people with too much time on their hands.

  2. I just finished reading a bio of Richard III by Paul Murray Kendall, written in the ’70s long before archaeologists found the body. It is still a definitive work of scholarship and paints an even portrait of a much maligned man. There are extensive appendices about who killed the princes in the tower and how his reputation came to be so tainted.

    QEII probably made the right decision sitting out the re-internment of KRIII’s remains considering it was her ancestor who created or at least sanctioned the black lies about the poor man.

      • Chris,

        At the risk of igniting a discussion I will be participating in via email since no regular Internet right now, I would like to add my response to the original announcement of this find.

        “No one ever speculates who raped the woman. Or coerced a virgin who had to tell her mother what happened–who immediately arranged to marry off a valuable family commodity to protect the family name and do the best for her daughter she could. No one looks to see what connections existed between families that had not been accounted for before–as in blackmail, vendetta, quid pro quo…dad killing the rapist in a duel, if nothing else would satisfy his anger over the damage to his daughter (or property–both kinds of daddies…)

        “Except for the writers. We’ve been speculating for centuries. So, was Richard’s humpback caused by a woman wearing an iron corset to try and hide her pregnancy until she could be married off?”

        –K E Kimbriel on announcement female infidelity in the line of Richard III.

        ( I’m not an expert, so I just wonder about these things.)

    • But there’s definitely something weird happening. For the last 23 years, the Premier League had been dominated by teams from Lancashire (they’ve won it 70% of the time). The last team from Yorkshire to win it was Leeds back in the 70s. This year, with no Yorkist teams in the Premier League for Richard III to back, what other team could he support but the team where he was buried?

      Well, that’s my story…