BVC Announces “Hair of the Dog” by Doranna Durgin

Hair of the Dog by Doranna DurginHair of the Dog
A Feral Darkness: Short Story
by Doranna Durgin

Brenna Lynn Fallon grooms dogs, owns a Cardigan Welsh Corgi with a little something extra, and has a lifetime acquaintance with the ancient power once known as the Celtic god Nuadha. But there are responsibilities that come with being favored by a god, and the threats Brenna faces don’t always come from things supernatural… or even from outside herself.


For A Feral Darkness:

“Doranna Durgin’s writing grabs you from the start. The characters (both human and canine) were an engaging mix of heroes, villains, and the in-between sort, each with plausible motives driving their actions. Absolutely loved the Corgi, and the meticulous detail of the dog grooming business added a layer of realism to a complex story.

“Well-paced and cleverly developed, the plot is a fascinating mix of fantasy and mystery. You’ll laugh, you’ll weep, you’ll cheer, and you won’t want to put this book down. A compelling read from a writer of immense talent. More, please! –Susan Holmes, author of the Waterside Kennel Mysteries

“The mystery and fantasy slowly draw together, bonded by supreme characterization, to make for a story which is almost impossible to put down.” –Reviewers Bookwatch

“If you are looking for a book that has paranormal elements and some romance, is expertly written with wonderful characters and has a smooth pace that leads up to a climatic finish, A FERAL DARKNESS is the book for you and it is not to be missed.” –The Romance Reader’s Connection

“This is a very smart, well-woven book, with an initially cranky but ultimately endearing hero and a thoroughly satisfying ending.” –Mary Jo Putney, bestselling author of the The Rake

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