BVC Announces The Hinky Chicago Omnibus #1 by Jennifer Stevenson

box facesHinky Chicago Omnibus #1
Hinky Chicago 1-3
by Jennifer Stevenson

Discover the first three adventures of Jewel Heiss and her Hinky Squad as they battle the encroachment of magic on the city of Chicago!

Jewel goes undercover to bust a con artist and accidentally releases an incubus from his “treatment bed.”

Soon the incubus is her roommate. Then the con artist becomes her partner. Before she knows it, she has a motley crew of helpers: a homeless street peddler, two mad scientists, two con artists, an adult film star, and pretty nearly every guy in her little black book, and Jewel’s little black book is a foot thick.

Da Mayor doesn’t care, as long as Jewel adheres to da Hinky Policy: “Don’t ask, don’t tell, cope.” This means, don’t get magic into the news.

The Omnibus includes:

The Hinky Brass Bed
The Hinky Velvet Chair
The Hinky Bearskin Rug

which were originally published in 2008

Download an Ebook Sample:

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