Talking about myself–a newbie

Diana Pharaoh FrancisTalking about myself — a newbie

by Diana Pharaoh Francis

This is my first post on BVC and I’ve been all over the place with what to post. I do know I want to say this: I’m so pleased to be involved with BVC and am so delighted I was accepted in.

I got to thinking that maybe I should give you a sense of who I am. Which can be scary, because I’m sometimes told I’m odd. With a morbid sense of humor. And a weird fascination for bizarre and disgusting things from nature. Like parasites and how they inhabit bodies and convince them to do things. And then there’s this fabulous video I saw the other day (click here if you want to see) where an Australian man had killed a rather large furry spider (a good three or four inches in diameter). But the creepy thing happened after death. That’s when these slimy pink worms came unfurling out and whipping around. Parasites for the win!

Here’s the thing–that is definitely going to inspire something in a future book. How could it not?

And that, in a nutshell, is what I’m like right there. I mean, I’ve got a whole level of revulsion and Ew! going on, while at the same time I’ve got that child’s gleeful fascination.

I’ll tell you another story about me. When I was a kid, I grew up on a cattle ranch in Northern California. We had a railroad track running down one side of our property. My brother and sister and I used to walk along the tracks looking for these glass marbles. They were not perfectly round. We didn’t know why they were there at all, but we liked to collect them. (Turns out they were from cars loaded with them destined for making glass bottles and jars). Anyhow, one day after I’d recently met the man who would become my husband, we went walking along the railroad tracks. We went a little ways and encountered the mostly skeletal remains of the lower half of a jackrabbit. Everything was bone except for the feet. So of course I had to pick it up and show it to my future husband. I gleefully said “I guess his feet weren’t so lucky, were they?” Because, yanno, rabbits feet still intact and the rest of the bunny not so much.

I was a huge fan of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report, and I love John Oliver and Samantha Bee. That probably says a lot about me too.

I also have a corgi problem. My husband tells me that they are so spoiled they have maggots. He’s not exactly wrong. At all. Or even a little bit. But they are cute and deserve lots of love and attention. Just ask them, they’ll tell you!

As far as writing, I’m right now working on the second Mission: Magic book, and the fourth in my Diamond City Magic series. I’ve got some other things cooking on the back burner, too. And I’ve just discovered a pair of socks I want to knit that I have no idea how to do, so I’ll be trying to figure out that.




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A recovering academic, Diana Pharaoh Francis writes books of a fantastical, adventurous, and often romantic nature. She's owned by two corgis, spends much of her time herding children, and likes rocks, geocaching, knotting up yarn, and has a thing for 1800s England, especially the Victorians. Check out samples of just about everything on her website:


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