BVC Announces Monroe’s Test by Jill Zeller

Monroe's Test by Jill ZellerMonroe’s Test

by Jill Zeller

After losing her sister in a terrible climbing accident, Sydney Wormley’s life spins out of control. But lately things are looking up. She’s broken it off with her married boss and has begun dating handsome Adam Gray. But Adam has dangerous secrets.

Five years ago, Adam’s brother murdered their mother and mutilated their father. Jon’s been in prison since, and Adam’s had nothing to do with him. But suddenly his brother wants back in Adam’s life, and he may not be done with the job he started five years ago.

Everything crashes together when a priceless can of film is stolen from Sydney’s Aunt Violet. It contains a long lost screen test of Marilyn Monroe. Now Sydney’s getting texts from her dead sister. Adam’s getting emails from prison. Then someone gets murdered.

Sydney had thought her life was finally getting back to normal. She is perilously wrong.

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