Writing Nowadays–The Death of Copy

Steven Harper PiziksWhen cloud storage became available and viable, I adopted it.  The idea that I could set my computer life up so that the latest version of all my files were available to me on any device with an Internet hookup held immense appeal.  I could write anywhere on anything!  I leaped into the cloud and never looked back.

But money got in the way.

I hate paying for cloud storage space.  I feel that my Internet service provider, who charges me bend-over-the-desk amounts of money for dreadful service, should give me a terabyte or two of cloud storage free with my monthly beating.  But they aren’t interested in anything resembling customer service, so they don’t.  I was forced to look elsewhere.

Dropbox was nice–easy to use, played well with a variety of platforms and IOS apps.  But they give a minuscule amount of space (5 gig) for free.  Their pay service grants you a terabyte, but it costs $100 per year, a scandalous charge for mere file storage.

Eventually I discovered Copy, which gave 50 gig for free.  Yay!  I was safe.

But now we Copycats got a notice that Copy was going out of the file storage business.  In a few weeks, all our files go POOF!  Well, criminy.

I searched around and discovered that no one gave the amount of space I needed for free.  I would have to pay.

Then I remembered that my husband Darwin already had a Dropbox account.  Some consultation uncovered the fact that he was using the pay version (!) and he was only using 0.1% of his allocated terabyte.  This was a waste of both space and money.

I spent most of an evening reconfiguring my devices so they would use Darwin’s Dropbox account as their storage account of choice, then created a new folder in it for my material and, in one giant file dump, moved everything from Copy to my new Dropbox folder.

FOOP!  Everything seamlessly moved from Copy to Dropbox.  Now together Darwin and I use 1.0% of the available space. (!)  I’m paying, but sort-of not, and Copy can now safely vanish.

Another benefit of marriage.

–Steven Harper Piziks

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