BVC Announces Rules of Conflict by Kristine Smith

Rules of Conflict by Kristine SmithRules of Conflict
The Jani Kilian Chronicles, Book 2
by Kristine Smith

After eighteen years, Captain Jani Kilian’s life as a fugitive has ended. Captured by the Service, she now faces court martial. It will surely lead to her execution.

But relations with the idomeni have deteriorated. Jani’s knowledge of that alien race and her friendship with Nema, their ambassador, earn her a reprieve. And if she is able to help stabilize the crisis, she may be in line for a pardon.

Jani knows she should grab this second chance and hang on. But as tensions between human and idomeni mount and her genetically-modified body breaks down, she finds herself locked in a struggle with an adversary who has as much to lose as she, and who will do anything to ensure their secrets remain buried.


“The characters come alive in an intriguing setting…Smith is a major new talent in the field.” — Talebones, Fall 2000

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