Good Writers are Consummate Liars

Lately, I’ve been thinking and reading a lot in preparation for leading the upcoming spring semester Fiction Workshop at Swarthmore College. I almost always spend the months leading up to it reading a new crop of short stories across the … Continue reading


Author Interview: Kristine Smith

Writer Kristine Smith knows about changing your face and your place, and when to remain true to yourself. She was born in the Northeast, grew up in the South, and settled in the Midwest. After twenty-six years in pharmaceutical R&D, she currently writes full time, spinning SF novels as Smith and supernatural thrillers as Alex Gordon.

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BVC Announces Remscela by Gregory Frost

Remscela The Sequel to Tain by Gregory Frost Cu Chulainn was only a teenaged boy when he defeated the combined armies of Queen Maeve. Now, with nothing to fight, Ulster’s warrior seems cursed–by a child he never knew he had; … Continue reading