BVC Announces War Among the Crocodiles by Leah Cutter

Cutter-WarAmongTheCrocodiles133x200War Among the Crocodiles
by Leah Cutter

As a modern wizard, Yvette knows many things: how to imprint her name on the very stones of her land to protect it, how to hear secrets from winds great and small, and how to bake the perfect souffle (she is French, after all).

However, Yvette doesn’t know how to stop the soul eaters—a group of corrupted human magicians who steal knowledge from her mind as easily as she picks daisies from a field.

When the soul eaters also attack the clans, the ancient families of shape shifters hidden among the humans, a war erupts in the shadows.

Can Yvette stop the soul eaters from destroying not only the clans, but her fellow magicians as well? Particularly when the clans have never trusted her kind, and wage their own internal wars?

Book three in The Shadow Wars Trilogy. Be sure to read books one and two: The Raven and the Dancing Tiger and The Guardian Hound.

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