BVC Welcomes Kristine Smith

Kristine SmithPlease join Book View Café in welcoming our newest member!

Kristine Smith is the author of Code of Conduct and four other books in the Jani Kilian science fiction series as well as a number of SF and fantasy short stories, and is a winner of the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. She worked as a pharmaceutical process development scientist for 26 years, but now writes full-time.

Find out more at her website:

She also writes supernatural thrillers under the name Alex Gordon.

Check out Code of Conduct, the first of the Jani Kilian series, at the Book View Café Ebookstore.




BVC Welcomes Kristine Smith — 8 Comments

  1. Kristine — I put Code of Conduct on my wife’s Nook to check the formatting. She didn’t know that, and just found the book and started reading it. The next day, she hollered, “Can you get me some more books by this–” checks title “–Code of Conduct author?”

    Welcome to BVC!