Supergirl: A Review

Steven Harper PiziksYes, we like Supergirl.

Why?  Melissa Benoist is the main reason.  Her Supergirl is earnest and trying hard to do a job she knows is probably too big for her, but dammit, she’s going to do it anyway.  She also likes doing it, and wants to do it, a major switch from decades of reluctant “I hate my life” heroes (including Buffy, Batman, Green Arrow, and Smallville’s Clark Kent).  This makes her highly empathetic.  We also like the fact that her costume design doesn’t have a boob window, Daisy Duke shorts, or crop top.  And we like the fact that she doesn’t really know how to fight.  Kara bludgeons her antagonists into submission.  No martial arts moves, no fancy acrobatics–just smash and punch.

And we like the references to the source material.  Will Win Schott turn out to be the Toyman?  Will we see the Fortress of Solitude?  James Olson has been given a makeover that we like (though I have to say I would have liked a big redhead for . . . personal reasons).  Cat Grant’s idiotic original past as a gossip columnist has been dumped and she runs a media empire with an iron fist.  Interesting.

So we like Supergirl and will continue watching.

–Steven Harper Piziks

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Supergirl: A Review — 5 Comments

  1. I also like that the show is respectful. There’s been way too many adaptations and reboots where it was pretty clear the producers viewed the original with contempt. Or at least thought the original wasn’t very good and needed to be improved on. They’d only seen it as something to make money off of and not taken the time to understand why people would want to tune in. With Supergirl, the producers not only understood the original, but also embraced the sheer fun of it.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if back story reveals that Cat Grant was indeed a gossip columnist in her past, but is ashamed of it and tries to bury it beneath the weight of her present success.

  3. I hope the writing stays at least as good as these first few. Yes, they did so many things well with Supergirl, including their method of naming her, “Supergirl!”