Story Excerpt Sunday: From King of Hearts by Jennifer Stevenson

King of Hearts Backstage Boys Book 1 by Jennifer Stevenson What went before: Stagehand King Dave has been disrespected by his ex-wife with the aid of a can of orange spray paint. Nadine, a preacher’s daughter, was the only witness. … Continue reading


Writing a story, building a world – part 6: HOW?

Read WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY in earlier installments. This is the final question. Continuing – Question 6: HOW Going back to the trope thing, when I started writing the Were Chronicles it was with a lot of ideas in … Continue reading


The Impending Death of Feminism

Steven Harper PiziksEvery year my seniors read Moliere’s Tartuffe. In that play is a scene in which Orgon orders his daughter to break off her engagement with the man she loves and marry the evil Tartuffe.  She begs him not to force this and asks his permission to marry the man she wants.

“Haw haw haw!” I chuckle at this point.  “Tartuffe was written in the 1600s.  Nothing like this happens today!”

Or . . . ?

I bring up a web site on my SmartBoard that asks questions and lets the students text their responses so we can see how the class as a whole answered.  The answers are always a little shocking.  Look here: Continue reading