Laura Anne Gilman’s Silver on the Road Nets NPR Review

LAG-Silver On the RoadConga-rats to our own Laura Anne Gilman for a fantastic review of her new novel Silver on the Road, the first book of a new series.

The review, which is featured on the National Public Radio site, reads in part:

…All of which makes Silver take on the sheen and weight of forgotten history. Lost in the middle of the story, you’ll feel somehow that you’ve always known the Devil wore a suit and ran a gambling house back in six-gun times, that he once sent a sixteen year old girl out into the world to fight monsters for him — and it’s that echo in the brain that makes the thing hard to put down, because reading Silver on the Road is not like falling into some new and unfamiliar world.

It’s more like a true American myth being found.

Naturally, we highly encourage everyone to go out and discover this American myth for themselves.



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