Cover Reveal: Eel River by Shannon Page

Eel River cover Today’s cover reveal is … Eel River by Shannon Page.

Book View Café is thrilled to announce an “author’s preferred edition” of Shannon Page’s dark fantasy/horror novel Eel River, releasing next Tuesday. Noted illustrator (and Shannon’s husband) Mark J. Ferrari designed the eerie and evocative cover.

See the high resolution cover image below the fold…

About the book

Strange things begin happening on the back-to-the-land commune. Yet the adults, busy grooving out with easy drugs and free love, shrug off each tragedy. Only the ten-year-old Princess understands what’s really going on.

A dark presence has emerged on the Land, and it seems that it speaks to her. Can she hold onto her tenuous influence over the presence long enough to save her family?

Eel River cover

Where to find it

You can buy the book from the BVC bookstore from September 22nd. You can also pre-order it from Amazon.




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