The Rambling Writer Revisits Tulum, Mexico

TulumS&TThor and I are off on another adventure, research for my new novel-in-progress, but meanwhile we’ll revisit our first trip to Mexico together, our casi luna de miel (almost honeymoon) eight years ago. Another novel, a humorous mystery set along the southeast Mexican coast, is on slow simmer….  (click on photos to enlarge)

I had heard that on Leap Day, it was customary for women to propose marriage to men, so somewhat ironically I had gone down on my knees to propose to Thor, with no rush for an answer. He then suggested a spring-break getaway to Mexico for our first big trip as a couple, so we jetted off to La Costa Maya on the Caribbean side. In the midst of a gloomy, rainy Northwest early spring, we embraced the sunshine and warm blue sea.

TulumGoddessTempleFirst up: a visit to the Mayan ruins of Tulum, a spectacular site atop the rocky shoreline. As we stood beside the ancient Temple of the God of the Wind, Thor took off his sombrero, and as an hombre sincero, formally accepted my proposal. I was completely taken by surprise, as I’d forgotten the whole thing… but then I’m perhaps the only woman in the world who never TulumGreatIguanaremembers her wedding anniversary. Our witness to the engagement was the Great Iguana, and every year we return to Mexico for another luna de miel, where the iguana minions check in with us to make sure we remain faithful.

TulumRuinsSaraThe Tulum ruins are like a lovely park, including El Castillo and the remains of the Temple of the Healing Goddess, which has remnants of the original red pigments. After our hot, windy tour of the ruins, we stopped at the Dos Ojos (Two Eyes) cenotes for some snorkeling in theTulumDosOjosCenote eerily glowing, very clear waters. The entire area of Mexico is limestone honeycombed by underground springs that occasionally open to the surface. We explored the shadowed maze of passages, diving through underwater archways and floating on pools where ancient Mayans may have left sacrificial offerings to the gods.

Our next adventure was out to the coral reefs for a couple of scuba dives. I used to teach scuba in the Caribbean, so the divemaster assigned me to follow Thor, who had been certified many years earlier, but was out of practice. He got so excited he took off zooming down the reef, and I had my work cut out trying to keep up with his long legs and huge swim fins.

TulumCozumelMopedsNext up: Taking the ferry to Cozumel island, where we rented mopeds and hauled our snorkeling gear along the coast road, stopping at several beachside cantinas to snorkel the reefs, then enjoy snacks and beverages. I’ve ridden small motorcycles before, and they were much more stable than those mopeds, but some of the crazy drivers on the island may have contributed to the death-defying experience. Cue music: “Born to be Wild….”

We enjoyed the colorful buildings of the tropics, including this Internet & Taco café. Thor didn’t believe my translation of theTulumNoDejePiedrasTulumInternetTacos ubiquitous road signs: No Deje Piedras en el Pavimento – Don’t Leave Rocks in the Road, but it was confirmed by a friend who lives in Mexico. Apparently many people use rock piles to warn oncoming traffic if they have a flat tire or breakdown beside the road, and the officials would like you to return the rocks to their proper place.

MVI_7770 Finally, after our exertions, we rinsed out some clothes in the hotel shower, and Thor came up with an innovative drying technique. (See attached video) We hope you have your own Mexico adventure soon. Buen viaje!


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  1. Ah yes, the student dryer! (Assuming the ‘luxury’ apartment actually has an overhead fan, which most didn’t.)

    Sounds like a fun trip, and the cave shot is really beautiful!