Writer’s retreats: boot camp, bad-girl camp-out, or nunnery?

What do you do for your writing—and yourself—when your muse is in a coma, the book isn’t coming together, flying monkeys chatter menacingly outside your window, and you’re tired, tired, tired?

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BVC Announces Cyber Genius by Patricia Rice

Cyber Genius The Family Genius Mysteries 3 by Patricia Rice Anastasia Devlin is a genius at organizing her eccentric family and her online clients, but she seriously doesn’t have time for playing detective. Then her super-geeky teenage brother Tudor claims … Continue reading


Story Excerpt Sunday: From Dominions by James A. Burton

Dominions Book 2 of The Bladesmith by James A. Burton The Goddess Mel sat in lotus, meditating, callused brown feet tucked up on lean sinewy brown thighs.  The goddess of the mountain winds did not focus on the Wheel of … Continue reading