BVC Announces The Thrones of Kronos by Sherwood Smith and Dave Trowbridge

The Thrones of Kronos by Sherwood Smith and Dave TrowbridgeThe Thrones of Kronos
Exordium: Book Five
by Sherwood Smith and Dave Trowbridge

The conclusion to the space opera series Exordium.

The desperate fight to recover the Panarchy of the Thousand Suns is about to commence. Brandon hai-Arkad has been crowned Emperor, but his throne remains in the hands of his enemy, Jerrod Eusabian of Dol’jhar. The fleet has been gathered, the order of battle drawn. Brandon will reclaim his father’s empire, or face annihilation.

Completely rewritten and polished.

Originally published by Tor Books


“The main thrust of the plot from the previous books is completed, but a new storyline is opened. I was prepared to be frustrated by this book when the name was changed from what was listed at the end of the previous book, but it turned out very well. The plots are resolved, and the fate of the attack by Dol’jhar on the Thousand Suns is revealed. Two personal and one general plots are started at the end, however, and I would clearly expect new novels to follow. The grand style that requires careful reading for full effect continues here, and the careful character development is still a joy to read.” —Customer, Amazon

The Exordium Series:
The Phoenix in Flight
Ruler of Naught
A Prison Unsought
The Rifter’s Covenant
The Thrones of Kronos

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