BVC Announces The Giant of Inishkerry by Sheila Gilluly

The Giant of Inishkerry by Sheila GillulyThe Giant of Inishkerry
The Books of the Painter 2
by Sheila Gilluly

How do you go on when everything you love has been lost?

Aengus might have become the Painter who would save his people, but that hope was crushed when his village was massacred, leaving him the only survivor of the slaughter. Grief-stricken, he threw himself off a cliff, only to awaken horribly injured and emotionally hollow, a color-blind Painter who would never again wield the magical power of the color pots.

Now a navigator for the pirate Timbertoe, who fished his broken body from the water, Aengus wreaks a savage revenge upon the Wolfhounds who destroyed his people and his life. When cornered by his enemies one night, he is forced to plead for sanctuary at the home of a reclusive sorceress.

There he meets Rose, a mysterious green-eyed beauty who has long walked his dreams. But the fury of the Wolf lashes out at them, and to save Rose, to save himself, Aengus desperately reaches once more for the gift of painting locked in his damaged brain–and for the strength of heart to accept his fate…


“Enthralling stuff.”— Harry Walton, Dorset Evening Echo

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