Annals of Pard: Puzzle Personal Assistant

Pard Gives Charles Invaluable Assistance in the Jigsaw Department.

Pard - Puzzle Personal Assistant

Photo by Moe Bowstern.



Annals of Pard: Puzzle Personal Assistant — 4 Comments

  1. 05182015 2029 hours,

    Dear Mrs. Le Guin,

    The summer of 1976, prior to nursing school, while helping my mom pick vegetables, black berries, I read your novel The Dispossessd. Superb.
    Finally, after years of delay, work, family of my own and so forth, I finished this day The Left Hand of Darkness. Awesome. Words cannot convey…. I think I will relax with the words of Genly Ai: Light is the left hand of darkness.

    Sincerely, with gratitude,

  2. I have similar personal puzzle assistants. Puzzles, after all, come in boxes–and for some cats, a box is always a cat container, no matter the size of box or cat. But does Pard also help by either hiding or eating one piece from the puzzle? I have an enormous puzzle (3,000 pieces: what the hell was I thinking?) that I finished after months of work (and help from cats)–except that one piece, one, was utterly missing. I expect archaeologists will puzzle over the puzzle of one puzzle piece in what was obviously at some time someone’s home….