BVC Announces Seas of Ernathe by Jeffrey A. Carver

Seas of Ernathe by Jeffrey A. CarverSeas of Ernathe
A Novel of the Star Rigger Universe
by Jeffrey A. Carver

Starship rigging is a long-lost art. But the ocean world Ernathe may hold the key to its rediscovery, if a young star pilot can learn the ways of the mysterious sea people, the Nale’nid. A touching story of love and personal discovery, Seas of Ernathe takes us on a journey back toward the mode of star travel that once knit the galaxy together.

Seas of Ernathe was Jeffrey A. Carver’s first novel, and the first full-length tale of what was to become his popular Star Rigger Universe. Set farthest into the future of all the Star Rigger stories, Seas of Ernathe sets the stage for a new cycle of star-faring history.

From the Nebula-nominated author of Eternity’s End and The Chaos Chronicles.


“Jeffrey Carver imagines wonders and allows us to share his vision.”— Terry Carr
“A wonderful ability to deal sensitively with the interrelationships of characters and their environments.” —Galileo Magazine

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