BVC Announces Making the Rules by Doranna Durgin

Making the Rules by Doranna DurginMaking the Rules
Doranna Durgin

Kimmer Reed is a Hunter Agency operative, a street foundling escaped from an abusive family and raised to be code-name Chimera-a fierce, savvy loner with a natural gift for reading people. Now on her first assignment with the one man she trusts–the one man she can’t read–she finds herself overseas in the Basque countryside, framed for the theft of the very antiquity she has been sent to guard and doubting her ability to work with a partner at all-never mind the man she loves.

Rio Carlsen, former CIA field officer who left the agency with scars both physical and emotional, joins Hunter Agency field operations with reservations-and only because his partner is Kimmer. Now he’s caught in the schemes of a woman from Kimmer’s past. Political terrorism, antiquities theft, and revenge-this woman wants it all, and she’s on her way to getting it.

Framed, cut off from the agency, and tangled in Basque Nationalist splinter terrorist groups, the biggest challenge Kimmer and Rio face is coming to terms with their pasts and with each other–so they can live through the day on the way to saving it.

A stand-alone strong action/romantic suspense in the Hunter Agency series of the former Silhouette Bombshell line (Exception to the Rule and Back to the Rules are available in publisher editions)

“I’ve been a Doranna Durgin fan for years, and she consistently delivers all the things I like in a book…she doesn’t disappoint in this, her first self-published book, either.” –Karen Gould, B&N Reader

“Great story, great characters, great author!” –Natski, Smashwords Reader

About Kimmer & Rio in Beyond the Rules:

“Doranna Durgin’s Beyond the Rules is action-packed from start to finish. Kimmer is so strong that readers won’t doubt for even a minute that she’ll come out on top in the end. And Rio is a hero any woman could love.” –Romantic Times, Four Stars

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