BVC Announces Rebel Dreams by Patricia Rice

Rebel Dreams by Patricia RiceRebel Dreams
by Patricia Rice

Bostonian Evelyn Wellington has always worked in her father’s prosperous warehouse. After his death, she has no choice except to continue her masculine occupation to feed her family. But the discovery that one of her major suppliers is shipping smuggled goods to avoid the new taxes endangers her family and livelihood.

Alex Hampton, heir presumptive to the Earl of Cranville and the earl’s shipping partner, has reluctantly left his comfortable London home to uncover the traitor using his ships for smuggling. He’s quite prepared to rake the complaining warehouse owner over the coals… until he’s stunned by a highly improper beauty in breeches.

How can a freedom-loving American beauty and a luxury-loving rake uncover smugglers in a country on the brink of revolution–while fighting a fierce attraction?


“Ms. Rice is a surefire bet to steal your heart away…” — Romantic Times

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