BVC Announces Signatures by James A. Hetley

Signatures by James A. HetleySignatures
by James A. Hetley

John Patterson thinks he damn well earned his pension. He survived more than twenty years as a police forensic wizard, tracking down and fighting the worst that criminal magic could throw at him. If he could only retire the nightmares, as well.

Some of those nightmares feature Albert Kratz, alias Albertus Magnus, a psychopathic criminal mage Patterson trapped in a burning building years ago. So why is a dead man leaving his unique magical signature on the grisly “artistic” murder of a diplomatic courier?

Detective Sergeant Nef Cash recognizes that crime scene from old file photos and drags Patterson out of retirement to fight a deadly enemy one more time. Cash has her own motives besides police work, and her move will turn his personal life inside out.

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BVC Announces Signatures by James A. Hetley — 4 Comments

  1. Congratulations, Jim! I think your twist on the traditional noir detective is intriguing, and I’d really like to see this become a series for you. Very best of luck!

  2. Woot! A new James Hetley book. I would love if this turned into a series. Oh and no more talk about stopping writing. It distresses me. *rushes off to buy*

    • The easiest way to keep me writing is for lots and lots and lots of people to buy this book . . .

  3. Chris is going to get this book. He has a dead tree version of almost all of your books so far. Keep writing! (I swipe his books periodically. Joint marital property and all…)