Annals of Pard: Christmas 2014

Pard’s Christmas, 2014
by Ursula K. Le Guin

What’s Under the Tree?

What's Under the Tree?

Helping Charles Unwrap



It’s Been so Exciting, I’m Tired and Going to Take a Bath

Pard’s New Year Greeting:

And gie's a paw o' thine!

So here’s a paw, my trusty friend,
And gie’s a paw o’ thine!
We’ll tak’ a cup o’ kindness yet
For auld lang syne.



Annals of Pard: Christmas 2014 — 5 Comments

  1. This post was originally for the entry “Cats, Claws, Panic” but, as it was old, I couldn´t do it. Here it goes!
    Dear Ursula,
    First of all I wish to say that I absolutely love your books. So, for writing what you write, thank you!
    I came upon this blog just by chance, and I randomly started to read. This story of Pard called my attention as I have a cat, or better said, the cat has me; as she is really the queen of the house.
    We live in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, a bit the countryside, or the most countryside you can find 40 km away from the big city.
    This year, 2014, has been very sad and hard for me. My mother died, just 2 weeks after my dog and friend for 11 years died.
    What comes after dead (specially a not expected one) is so terrible… putting up and closing a whole house, with all its furniture, clothe, saucepans, books. Everything had a memory, a story to tell, new tears to drop.
    Anyways, Im not writing to tell you about my mother, but my cat. The week I started bringing my mum´s things into my house, my cat started acting weird.
    I have a huge garden so she spends her time mostly outside. I always bring her back in at night, and although she complains at the beginning, she always ends up sleeping with me, in my bed.
    That week, I don´t know at what point, she disappeared. I got really scared as she had never done this before. Finally, I found her on the roof. I called her and she replied me as if she was crying. It wasn´t the first time she was up in the roof, the problem was that she wouldn´t come down; yet she cried as if she really wanted to come down, but couldn´t!
    Feeling desperate, I climbed a dangerous ladder and, with a lot of scratches as a result, I brought her down.
    Two or three days later, again she disappeared, and again she was up in the roof, crying. I brought her down.
    I started leaving her inside the house more time, but she insisted on going outside, and I couldn´t say no. She went up again, and this time I was awfully sick, so I couldn´t just go and climb the ladder. I thought, sooner or later she will come down. I missed her terribly at night, not having her on my bed, waking me up in the morning… A week went by, and she wouldn´t come down. So again, I brought her down. Since then, Im extra careful whenever she´s outside, and I only let her go when I´m around. Still, she managed to escape again. This time she went to my neighbor´s roof. I let a day pass, and I asked my neighbor to let me climb her ladder; this time, I had to put her inside a backpack to bring her down. It was impossible to come down the ladder with her in my arms.
    I feel she´s somehow calling my attention, as it´s not like she goes away completely. At the same time, it seems she´s totally reacting to a state of being in my house. I´m very sad, and the atmosphere is sad and blue and heavy. All these furniture in my house, all my mother´s stuff…
    All this behavior made me think that maybe she´s somehow acting out a part of me, that wants to run away from all this situation, and doesn´t want to deal with furniture, or the dead of the only mother I will ever have; but it´s just an interpretation. Basically I don´t understand what´s going on with her, and I so wish I could!
    Anyway, I can´t believe I wrote about my cat to you! And I only realize now, that it´s the first time (4 months have passed since) that I sit down and write about my mother´s dead.
    Again, thank you Ursula for your amazing books! I just love them so much!
    Luciana Inda.

  2. It’s so endearing to me, Ursula, to know that we share a love of cats and a capacity to be amused by their ineffable, playful, mysterious nature.

    I had a dream about you last night, that I visited your house. For some reason you had rabbits, domesticated ones, that you were trying to find homes for. I wanted so much to be agreeable to you that I found myself offering to take one, without considering or asking how a cat and a rabbit might coexist in a home. In my waking life, I solve (garden) rabbit problems by the expedience of eating the rabbit. But that didn’t occur to me in the dream, so I found myself anxious and wishing I had asked you for more information before opening my mouth. And probably your dreamself wouldn’t have wanted my wakingself to eat a rabbit you were trying to re-home.

    Has it ever struck you that the average domesticated cat comes so much closer to the Platonic ideal of cat than say, the average tree comes to the Platonic ideal of tree?

  3. Happy New Year, dear Ursula, Charles, and Pard,
    Thank you for sharing Pard’s Christmas photos and videos with us. After reading Annals of Pard for so long, I think of you all as favorite relatives that I don’t ever see.
    It was such a joy for me to see a new blog on your site tonight (I know you posted it several days earlier, but this is the first time I checked your site this year) …and to enjoy the simple antics of a little cat… after the heavy-hearted days I had after hearing the tragedy at Charlie Hebdo in France.
    Thanks for giving us the story of Pard. It means as much to me as the story of Dispossessed.
    Shiu-chin Linda Hsu
    Roseville, California