Girl Genius Radio Theater: A Very Short Review

by Brenda W. Clough

RightOne This show was actually a script, read aloud by voice actors, which was staged at the World Science Fiction Convention in London in August. As you can see, it really is a reading — a couple of sound effects is all you got.

And boy, was it fun! You surely have heard of Girl Genius, the online graphic novel. It’s been in publication for years and years, and has won so many Hugo Awards that it’s becoming a habit. You can read all the issues on the web site from  the beginning, but lay out a good block of time before you begin, because you won’t be able to stop and you can lose an entire weekend this way.

The radio shows are not in the comic’s continuity, which means they can be purely comedy, with lots of pirates (Arr!) and audience participation (Yay!). Agatha Heterodyne, the girl genius of the title, combats pirates, an encroaching biographer, and the resolute expectation of all her acquaintance that she is a Good Girl. Phil And Kaja Foglio, the creators of the comic, are the ringleaders of this madcap show and keep everything moving at a brisk pace. These things are probably a little opaque for anyone who hasn’t read the comic. But there are so few people who haven’t that this is not a problem.

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Girl Genius Radio Theater: A Very Short Review — 2 Comments

  1. This show was actually a script, read aloud by voice actors,

    Um… that’s what a radio show is. Were you expecting a play with costumes and sets? It’s called a “radio show” because in the heyday of entertainment programs being on the radio, a bunch of voice actors gathered in a sound booth and read the script while a Foley guy provided sound effects with various objects.

  2. Drat, I need an edit function.

    I meant to continue:
    The listeners at home, sitting around their radio sets, were expected to use their imaginations to provide the rest. So, yeah — what you saw was pretty much what it said it was on the tin: a radio show.