Worldcon Report 11: Ruins

by Brenda W. Clough

image Research is a favorite activity of writers — in fact the danger is doing too much, to the detriment of writing. Here we are in the ancient City of London, admiring the old Roman city walls. The modern city completely surrounds these relics, as you can see — a triumph of urban renewal. You can probably sit in that Roman basement and get wifi.

And we went to surely one of the dream destinations for the historical fictioneer, Stanfords on Long Acre Street. It is the world’s largest map store. I spent a fortune today on period maps! They have London maps — ordinance  maps! — dating back to Elizabethan times. The web site is and it was with difficulty that I restrained myself from buying them all. Oh, how beautifully accurate my novels shall be! And after I suck the juice out of them I will frame the prettiest and hang it up.



Worldcon Report 11: Ruins — 10 Comments

  1. I cannot understand why Regency romance novelists do not get a group discount at this store. And, OMG, it matters not where on Earth your characters roam — there is a map for where they are going in Stanfords! No good for Mars or galaxies far far away, but I need a nice place to place a Mayan treasure in Central America, and now I have a map to help me!