Help us choose our mascot for the Dog Days of Summer sale!

We’re having a sale later this month, and we need help deciding which BVC dog should be our mascot. Help us choose!

#1: Connery Beagle (friend of Doranna Durgin)dogdays14-Connery2

#2: Dart Beagle (friend of Doranna Durgin)dogdays14-Dart

#3: Tajji (friend of Deborah J. Ross)dogdays14-Tajji

#4: Bellatrix (friend of Patricia Burroughs)dogdays14-Bellatrix

#5: Ro (friend of Judith Tarr)dogdays14-Ro

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Help us choose our mascot for the Dog Days of Summer sale! — 17 Comments

  1. I think Connery’s photo shows a proper response to July and August heat. Dart is much too active . . .

    And Ro isn’t reading.

  2. Am not sure how to choose between two of my own dogs, but…Connery *is* reading. Decisions… (He’s sprite-proofed, I’m sure.)

  3. I vote for Ro, but I think I’ve seen a better picture of him in a more viscous state. 🙂

  4. Well. Bellatrix may be a psycho-bitch [and yes, she can be] but she is my psycho-bitch. 😉

    And she totally appreciates sitting still beside me [or on my feet] as long as I want to sit and read.

  5. Connery appears to be reading an ereader. I prefer a book sale is for real books you can hold in your hands. Dart is running to the book sale.