BVC Welcomes James A. Hetley

james_hetley_133x200Please join Book View Café in welcoming James A. Hetley as our newest member.

James A. Hetley also writes as James A. Burton. He lives in the Maine setting of his Hetley-authored contemporary fantasy novels The Summer Country, The Winter Oak, Dragon’s Eye, and Dragon’s Teeth. His residence is an 1850s house suitable for a horror movie, with an electrical system installed while Thomas A. Edison still walked the earth, peeling lead-based paint, questionable plumbing, a furnace dating back to Teddy Roosevelt’s presidency, a roof perpetually in need of shingling, and windows that rattle in the winter gales. He’s a retired renovation architect. And the cobbler’s children go barefoot . . .




BVC Welcomes James A. Hetley — 5 Comments

  1. James, I finished “Ghost Point” and want to thank you for exploring ideas and characters close to my heart. I especially love the gritty winter setting and all the ways your characters deal with living in such a harsh environment — got me shivering! And of course the strong environmental and spiritual themes acted out in dynamic relationships. Keep it up, and welcome to Book View Cafe.