Murder at the Opera: An Aria of Omens by Patrice Greenwood

An Aria of Omens by Patrice GreenwoodPatrice Greenwood returns readers to the cozy Wisteria Tearoom with a new mystery set against the dramatic backdrop of Santa Fe’s world-famous Opera.

Wisteria Tearoom owner Ellen Rosings coaxes Detective Tony Aragón to go with her to the Santa Fe Opera, but the magnificent performance of Tosca ends in disaster. In bizarre counterpoint to the opera’s plot, the leading man is murdered in his dressing room, and Tony must rush to secure the crime scene. Ellen is left to comfort Vi Benning, a former server at the tearoom who is now an apprentice at the Opera and a protégée of the slain singer.

No opera aficionado, Tony turns to Ellen for help navigating the world in which he must now conduct an investigation. At the same time, Ellen is coping with a sudden, mysterious jump in business at the tearoom.

Her problems are eclectic:

…Who killed the famous baritone?
…What do the antique letters she’s found have to do with the tearoom’s resident ghost?
…And will she and Tony ever find time for a normal date?

This cozy mystery is the third in the Wisteria Tearoom Mysteries series.

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Patrice GreenwoodPatrice Greenwood was born and raised in New Mexico, and remembers when dusty dogs rolled in the Santa Fe plaza. She has been writing fiction for over twenty years.

She loves afternoon tea, old buildings, gourmet tailgating at the opera, and solving puzzles. Her popular Wisteria Tearoom Mysteries are informed by many of these interests. She is presently collapsed on her chaise longue, planning the next book in the series.

Wisteria Tearoom Mysteries:
A Fatal Twist of Lemon ~ A Sprig of Blossomed Thorn ~ An Aria of Omens



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