BVC announces The Clockwork Fairy Kingdom by Leah Cutter

The Clockwork Fairy KingdomThe Clockwork Fairy Kingdom
by Leah Cutter

Adele—the beautiful Fairy Queen with wings of clockwork—despairs when her husband, the Master Tinker, dies before he finishes the Great Machine that will reignite the human-fairy war and drive the humans away. When she meets Dale, a human boy with natural talent who can finish the machine, she enslaves him and binds his will with her fairy magic.

However, Dale’s twin sister Nora, who has only recently discovered that she is a Maker and has power of her own, escapes before she can be taken as well.

Can Nora understand and accept the magic that makes her different and save both her brother and herself before the fairy kingdom clockwork can be turned on, killing millions of innocent people?


This story grabs your interest from the very first page. Bringing a new perspective on the world of fairies and the humankind we see twins Nora and Dale drawn into an ancient conflict. As the children struggle to find out the truth about that struggle they also have to deal with pressing everyday events involving family. The action moves along at a good pace and there is a good balance to all the storylines. This is a good read for fans of YA although some situations may be disturbing for younger children. If you’re a fan of steampunk and fantasy this is a book to read.

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Previously published at “Clockwork Kingdom” by Knotted Road Press.


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