Second Thoughts on SECOND THOUGHTS

A funny thing happened on the way to the Diamond Brides Series…

When I came up with the idea of nine short, hot contemporary romance novels built around an imaginary baseball team, I knew that titles would be part of the fun.  Each book features a different position player; therefore each title should allude to that player’s position — Perfect PITCH, CATCHing Hell, Reaching FIRST

But when I got to the second baseman’s book, things got interesting.  The novel is a reunion story; the hero and heroine fell in love when they were naive college students, and they’re seeing each other for the first time in years.  The title was obvious to me:  SECOND Chance.  Except for one thing.  Book View Cafe had already published David D. Levine’s excellent science fiction novella, Second Chance.

Now, I’m a copyright lawyer from way back — I know that we authors can’t copyright our titles.  David and I chatted, and he agreed that I could use the same title that he had used.  All of our behind-the-scenes records and software rely on other information to keep Book View Cafe works straight; having identical titles would not confuse the actual operation of our bookstore.

But just because I could use the title didn’t mean that was the right thing to do.  Why confuse potential readers?  Why ask an interested patron to study two different entries in our bookstore, wondering if they had made a mistake when they typed in a search term?

Sure, Second Chance was a great title.  But Second Thoughts was an equally good one — it brought in the idea that my hero and heroine aren’t actually certain that they want to get back together, that revisiting their relationship is a good idea.  In short time, I concluded that Thoughts was better than Chance for the story I was telling.

But Book View Cafe authors being who we are, discussion continued in our private forum for a while.  Someone — I think it was Judith Tarr — said that she had a story that might fit well under the title Second Chance.  Someone else — I’m not even sure who! — suggested that we could create an all-new Book View Cafe anthology.  Every story in the volume would have the same title — “Second Chance”.

What about it?  What story would you want to read with that title?  What genre?  What characters?  What plot?

(At the moment, we’re not moving ahead with the idea, but down the road…  Yeah, we might give a, ahem, second chance to the idea…)




Second Thoughts on SECOND THOUGHTS — 2 Comments

  1. Simply adding an ‘S’ to the end of ‘Chance’ might provide enough difference to the title that no one need push their ‘Angsty’ button…but, I may have second thoughts about that…