Great Covers: Lady of Ashes

cover-ladyofashesThis series will appear at random as I find covers that make me say, “Wow!”

This cover for Lady of Ashes by Christine Trent immediately caught my eye. It’s not only stylish, it sets both the era and the mood of the book. Victorian, funerary, with the rose for a touch of romance.

And again, plenty of open space. If this cover was filled up with extra stuff, the beautiful rainy background of the art would be lost.

Couldn’t find a designer credit. Congrats to whomever it is.




Great Covers: Lady of Ashes — 7 Comments

  1. My only complaint would be the red title on the black panel. Not high enough contrast for legibility for anybody with even slight vision issues. (I deplore idiot publishers who insist on publishing steampunk novels printed on cream-colored stock with dark-brown ink. It just cannot be read!) The black has to be kept, clearly. But how about picking the red letters out with a white outline?

    • Nods head vigourously.

      (I would probably have left the rose out as well; somehow I find it a bit distracting and not entirely necessary.)

  2. Well, okay. I can see plenty to like about the cover, but really, the first thing I noticed was: “Why does she have a rose stuck in her ass?” I’m afraid that’s a question that’s hard to put aside and concentrate on the virtues of the image.

    • I thought she was holding the rose behind her back to surprise someone with it, and closer inspection (on goodreads) confirms that you can make out the gloved fingers holding it.