BVC Announces ISLANDS by Sara Stamey

by Sara Stamey

Romantic suspense and adventure: “Welcome to Paradise,” archeologist Susan Dunne hears on arrival at the Caribbean island to research petroglyphs and solve the mystery of her brother’s drowning. Was John murdered? This sunny tourist paradise conceals shadowy secrets—violent native unrest, sunken treasure, and a bloodthirsty cult masquerading as Voodoo.

Despite threats, Susan literally dives into her investigation of the sunken treasure ship where John drowned. To find the truth, she must work with her number one suspect—Vic Manden, the troubled combat veteran who worked the site with John. Attracted to the unpredictable Manden, Susan is soon in over her head.


“A superior mystery and suspense novel… a stomping, vivid ride.” —Statesman Journal

“Stamey knows how to tell a story. Vividly descriptive prose recalls the standard set by Joseph Conrad…. an enchanting darkness.” —Red Rock Review
“Intense and gripping.” —SF Chronicle

—Statesman Journal, Red Rock Review, SF Chronicle

A Foreword Book of the Year Finalist

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