HURRAH! Mindy Klasky Throws the Perfect Pitch

Perfect Pitch by Mindy KlaskyMindy Klasky’s Book View Cafe publication Perfect Pitch was recommended on USA Today’s Happy Ever After romance genre blog.

Included in the enthusiastic review: “Why you should read it: This introduction to Mindy Klasky’s Diamond Brides series is a heartfelt, conflict-ridden story as irresistible as its characters. It’s also a whole lot of sexy, savvy fun.”

A word from Mindy:

What Mindy Klasky has to say:

“Write what you know.” That’s standard advice for new authors. … I wrote what I knew for the first volume of the Diamond Brides Series — a story about true love helping two people to grow and become the best individuals they can be. And along the way, I learned a lot about all sorts of things I never knew before — beauty pageants, music education, and baseball!”

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