A Woman Goes to War: A Call to Arms by P. G. Nagle

A Call to Arms by P. G. NagleA new historical novel by P. G. Nagle

1861: as America erupts into civil war, Emma Edmonds is roused to such intense patriotism that she joins the Union army…as a man.

Raised on a farm by a father who would have preferred a son, Emma can ride, shoot, and hunt as well as any man. She defies convention to become a soldier, an army nurse, even a spy. Dangers surround her, from enemy fire in battle to the risk of discovery by her friends, which would end in court-martial and disgrace. Always she seeks to reconcile the necessity of deception with her deeply-held values, but her greatest challenge arises when her friendship with a fellow-soldier becomes so close that she is tempted to confess the truth and risk everything for a chance at love.

Based on the true adventures of Sarah Emma Edmonds, who served for two years in the 2nd Michigan Volunteers as Private Frank Thompson.

“Emma Edmonds is a larger-than-life example of a woman who, through the exercise of courage, initiative, and talent, could transcend the social barriers of the nineteenth century to achieve as much as any man.”

     —P. G. Nagle

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