New Story: “Codename: Delphi”

Lightspeed #47 April 2014My newest story is now available to read online at Lightspeed Magazine.

“Codename: Delphi” is near-future science fiction. It’s set in the story world of my Nebula-nominated novel, The Red: First Light — although it takes a look at things from a different perspective — that of a soldier’s handler, instead of the soldier in the field.

As a novelist who is constantly battling to keep word counts reasonable, this story is a triumph for me because it really is a SHORT story — it’s only 4,100 words — even though there is a lot going on.

“Codename Delphi” is illustrated by Hugo-award winning artist Galen Dara. And for those of you who enjoy podcasts, there is also an audio version.

I hope you’ll check it out. And if you want more from this story world, please take a look at The Red: First Light, available from Book View Café.



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